Sense making

Weick republished the poem with minor differences, sometimes without quotation or attribution. Yet despite the acknowledged importance of this phase of the design process, there continues to appear something magical about synthesis when encountered in professional practice: A Need for Rigorous Approaches and Methods to Synthesis While designers have historically referenced a period of design synthesis in their process, little has been done within the community of design research and design practice to formalize methods of synthesis or to describe a cohesive theory Sense making synthesis.

Translating Research into Insights. Additionally, more members of the design team can claim to be "doing design work", as boundaries between disciplines on an integrated team may blur tremendously.

Thematic transformation

Accessed November 3, After encountering several design projects that include implicit design synthesis, a client may proclaim that they don't see the value in a discovery phase for future design activities. The design team collectively develops a series of artificial constraints, informed by but separate from the design space being studied and their own respective experiences.

From tohe was the editor of the Administrative Science Quarterly. The new dynamics of strategy: They are, of course, right: The two different terms are used deliberately by their authors with their spelling variations in different academic discourse communities that share some common thrusts.

Jennifer Tidwell, Designing Interfaces: More exactly, sensemaking is the process of creating situational awareness and understanding in situations of high complexity or uncertainty in order to make decisions.

Karl E. Weick

Children of the World See full case Working with government, research and cultural organisations, Narrate and Cognitive Edge piloted narrative and SenseMaker-based approaches to understanding different cultures.

That is, A, B, and C all exist in the premises that were presented.

What is Sense-making?

Subsequent experiences may prove this wrong, and thus an inductive argument is one where the premises do not guarantee the truth of their conclusions. All Bs are Cs. Please subscribe or login. As Weick argued, "The basic idea of sensemaking is that reality is an ongoing accomplishment that emerges from efforts to create order and make retrospective sense of what occurs" Weick, In that respect I am bring complexity science and narrative into sense-making as a discipline.

When a combination makes sense and generates a design idea, the idea is written on a green note. The new frame "re-embeds" a product, system, or service in a new and not necessarily logical context, allowing the designer to explore associations and hidden links to and from the center of focus.

Once the groupings begin to emerge through the process of organization, the groupings can be made explicit by labeling them.We are delighted to see Deborah Ancona, Director of the MIT Leadership Center at the MIT Sloan School of Management acknowledging sensemaking as a key aspect of leadership in her post entitled The Elements of Good Leadership.

“Today’s leaders need the ability to make sense of complex environments. Sensemaking — the ability to make sense of what’s going on in a changing and. Sensemaking definition is - that makes sense: sensible, reasonable, practicable.

How to use sensemaking in a sentence. that makes sense: sensible, reasonable, practicable See the full definition. SINCE Menu. JOIN MWU Gain access to thousands of additional definitions and advanced search features—ad free!

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NCTM’s Regional Conference in Seattle is November There’s still time to register and have an incredible conference experience. Sensemaking is a term that gets thrown around a lot without much consideration about where the concept came from or what it really means.


If sensemaking theory is democratizing, that’s good thing. Most anthropologists recognize that ethnography is a joint co-creation with our interlocutors. Our. Sensemaking is the ability or attempt to make sense of an ambiguous situation.

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More exactly, sensemaking is the process of creating situational awareness and understanding in situations of high complexity or uncertainty in order to make decisions.

Sense making
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